Village of Soglio Hiking in the Swiss Alps - John 6:3    And Jesus went up into a mountain, and there he sat with his disciples.

Welcome to the Just Walking Together Home Page

My Goal for this site is to provide some basic information about trips I have planned and taken around the world to some of the most fabulous places one can visit. Over time I will post details of trips taken and enjoyed in the hope that you can gain some insight and perhaps use this information to plan your own trips.

There many options on the WEB where you can research your own trip, or find very detail information on all or portions of my trips. You can even book guided trips through a variety of professional Walking and Trekking Companies that cover these same territories. By no means do I intend to compete with the likes of Rick Steves and others. You will find their resourse valuable in planning your own trip.

These are just my own personal experiences and reflections, you have many good alternatives.


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