The final leg of our three region trip, began with a drive up to Geneva, where we learned how to negotiate the French and Swiss sides of the Airport. It seems that in renting a car in Avignon (France) it is much cheaper to drop it off on the French side of the airport.

But that is a chore to do, since you have to wind your way around the the far west side of the city and enter from a small service road coming in from France. No problem leaving since we picked up our friends who came in on the Swiss side, rented another car…yes that was cheaper also, and began our drive to the Dolomites.

We planned to stop and get at least a glimpse of Mont Blanc, but between getting a late start and local thunderstorms we had to skip that. Spent the night in Aosta, Italy driving much farther than we wanted to.

After a short lunch and walk around Garde Lake, we drove on to our main destination Lake Braise…if any of you have been to Lake Louise, in Alberta, you would find this and our hotel very similiar.

The next 7 days were filled with wonderful hikes. Again read the details in our Journal.

One of the best pictures I took was this one on our hike around Tre Cime.

DSC03179  Edited 2ON1 Edits 1 copy 2 pix only.jpg

Here is the slideshow. Again may be slow to load.

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