Useful Trip Planning Suggestions

El Camino del Norte with Daddio and the two ducks


Items Packed (about 18-20lbs plus water)

*didn’t really use

40 L pack

Chacos*- would probably bring a flip flop next time, but something that I can walk around town with in the pm

Light Mid hiking boots.

3* pairs of socks (2 was probably fine, but washed each day)

2 shirts

1* tank top- nice for hot days, but id bring a lighter version

1 long sleeve long underwear- not really necessary- just wore to bed- could have used a shirt instead if brought 3.

4 underwear- could probably do 3

2 sports bras, 1 bra

1 light puffy

1 rain jacket* it was warm enough to just use my pack cover and poncho, only used this once.

1 ultra-thin emergency poncho

1 small bottle of soap/face soap/lotion* id take 1/2 of 3 oz bottle

1 toothpaste/brush/floss

Small first aid kit with – a few ibuprofens, duct tape, ear plugs, a few wipes, band aids, Chapstick, tape, mole skin, Aquaphor, tissues* never opened these

Magazines* took forever to read and discard- don’t bring

Paints- only painted a couple times

Mug- ditched en route

Paper directions- ditched most of them

Water bladder- didn’t need a big one- so many places to stop and fill up…nice not to have to take it out though.

Extra roll up water bottle. *good to take out to dinner

Gloves & beanie* used the beanie in the mountains, but not necessary

Long yoga shorts- wear only at night & around town

Yoga pants- wore on plane and in Barcelona & in mountains.

Computer- didn’t use on plane, didn’t read my books on it.  Did type journal on it.  Leave this behind…although it’d be nice to have a device that was easier to browse internet.  (iPad or kindle)

Gaia map on phone- YES

Journal- ditched.


Wish I had:

Trekking poles (with rubber tips to fly with)

Small knife of sorts—something to at least cut cheese and salami with, but not necessary.



Lighter clothes and more washable.

Lighter jacket (like the Nano puff- instead of heavy fleece)

Pack cover instead of garbage bag

Lighter weight tennis shoes instead of water shoes for second pair

New hiking boots with fresh grip

Bring Euro cash beforehand

Learn more Spanish beforehand

Nice to have portable charger

Got by with little water bottle- maybe a small hydration pack instead.


Dad would leave behind:

Extra first aid kit

Extra chargers and adapters

Ipad. Debatable. If you have a mini or large iPhone just take those.

Extra camera….phone did well, Dad did leave the DSLR

Keep weight between 12-15lbs plus water

Swimsuit-but maybe something else instead of boxers for a happenstance


Also pay attention to:

Check on timing of Albergue for keys. Make reservations if not off seasons.

Having a cell phone to reserve Albergue bed would be nice if it was any busier (in middle of summer)

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