We were now on our 4th day in Switzerland and after hiking down from the Sciora Hutte we took the bus up the valley to the ski resort towns of the Engadine. This is the famous St. Moritz region. Our first stop was at Silvaplanna where we began our hike to the Coaz Hutte. After hiking back down to Pontresina, we took the Mountain Railway lifting us above the crowds to Berghaus Muottas Muragl, overlooking the entire valley. Finally for our third night in this region we hiked to Georgy’s Hutte just below the peak of Piz Languard. You can find more information about this Region on the Swiss web site: www.engadin.ch Click on the links for details of our stay here.

Some of the hutte are part of the famous Bernina Trek you can learn more about these at the Bernina SAC web site.


Hutte we visited:

Coaz Hutte

Muottas Muragl

Georgy Hutte


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