Georgy Hutte

We left the hotel at Muottas Muragl and began our hike across val Muragl to the switchbacks ascending steeply to the Segantini hutte, a daytime restaurant at 2,731 meters.

From here we continues our climb up the west side of Piz Languard, which tops out at 3,262 meters. This is just under 11,000 feet and our highest climb of the trip. It’s also the first peak we attempted to bag.

Georgy’s Hutte sits about 250 feet below the summit and has in itself spectacular views to the south, west and north. Unlike the other hutte we visited this is a private hutte not part of the SAC (Swiss Alpine Club).

The climb to the top gave us the full 360 degree view, looking into Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

Click on the panorama for a sense of the view. Our hutte host said you could just barely pick out the Matterhorn in the far distant, Großglockner south of Kitzbuhel in Austria and the mountains in the Jungfrau region by Interlaken, Switzerland. I can’t confirm we actually could see these but he did say on a clear day you could see that far 100-150 miles.



Our hutte host, who has worked there for 22 years, served just 6 of us for our overnight stay.  Helmut’s Thron was the only toliet facilities, and there was obviously at the summit no running water.

After dinner we all sat outside and watched the sunset, eating canned pears with schnapps. We agreed to be awaken before early in the morning so we could also enjoy the sunrise.

For more details check out this mountain hiking site (pdf document) or visit the Georgy’s Hutte site.

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