Muottas Muragl

In the morning we did the long hike down the Roseg valley from the Coaz Hutte. This was a beautiful trail down to where the Hotel Roseg sits. And from there we followed the horse drawn carriage (Pferdegespann) route down to Pontresina. It’s a short bus ride to Punt Muragl.

Our hotel sat right on the top of the mountain, it is first class in accommodations and dining. We took the Muottas Muragl funicular right to our hotel doorstep, so all our hiking  started at 2450m. After two nights in the hutte and three days hiking we were ready for a shower.


Afternoon and evening sunset views from the hotel while enjoying a very leisurely 3 hour dinner.

There are a number of short and easy walks from the hotel.

One Possible Walk is to Lej Muragl:


Length : 7 km – 4.5 miles Ascent : 340 m – 1120 ft Descent : 340 m – 1120 ft Grade : Easy/Moderate Time : 2h 30m

Another hike is to the daytime restaurant Segantini.


Both trails takes you through lovely mountain scenery.

Muottas Muragl Web page

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