Val Bregaglia

After our stay on Lake Como, we headed north through the back door of Switzerland to the quaint village of Soglio, in the Val Bregeglia Bergell region. After two night here we hiked to the Sciora Hutte in the valley across from Soglio to the south.



A scenic 43-mile Postal Bus ride takes us by the shores of Lake Como across the border and into the valleys of Switzerland. The bus leaves us at the turnoff to Soglio, we met a second bus here in a few minutes that took us up the final 1,000 feet to the small farm town nestled on the hillside. For those who would prefer to walk (we later walked down), there is a nice trail through the woods. You might want to stay at the lovely Hotel Palazzo Salis, built in 1630 by the Knight Baptista de Salis, but we chose to just enjoy a night of elegant dining at their restaurant. We stayed at Pension Murias which has a shared kitchen. We took short hikes up and down the valley in the morning and evening. On Sunday we took the bus up to Casaccia to take the 5 hour hike back to Soglio on the magnificent Panorama Trail, which traverses the Northern side of the valley.  We stopped at the small hikers hut on the way and were be rewarded with friendly conversation and a delicious slice of Nusseltorte before heading on to the village.

After leaving Soglio we continued on to our first Hutte, click on the Sciora Hutte link for more details.Soglio 04a - 078_edited


Soglio and view from the plateau.

Stopping along out hike of the Panorama Trail


Pension Mürias, Contact Annalies und Arnold Cadisch, Tel. 081 822 15 00 und 081 822 17 37, 10 Betten, DZF 110–120 Fr. has shared kitchen. I think this is now closed.


Inside Hotel Palazzo Salis, artist’s view of Soglio.


Our trip to Sciora Hutte: Sciora Hutte

More about Soglio

Hotel Palazzo Web Page




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