Sciora Hutte

Our trip to the Hutte began with the 1,000 ft. hike back down to the valley from Soglio to Promontogno. From here we found the road to Bondo, which lead us to the trail to Capanna di Sciora (Sciora Hutte). We could have cut about half the distance if we had a car available, or if anyone was driving up the road to get a lift, but we hiked the full 4-5 hour trail on foot.  Rising about 1,300 meters (4,000 ft) portions of this trail were extremely steep and we would not recommend it to everyone. The Hutte sits just below the Piz Badile group of mountains, the most beautiful in this region. Unfortunately, it was very overcast when we arrived and we had to wait to morning to get a glimpse of the mountain from the Hutte.

We met a couple who had hiked the more technical alpine trail over from the Albigna Hutte using the pass by Piz Cacciabella, but listening to their description told us that this would be too difficult for us to attempt as an alternative to our return down the valley to Bondo.

Piz Badile from Soglio and Sciora Hutte

Hiking trail to the Hutte and a welcome beer after our 4,000 ft. climb.

View back down the valley, Bondo is somewhere down there in the haze.

Click here to find more details about Capanna Sciora SAC


For those of you with more mountaineering experience, if you wish to try the pass at Cacciabella here is a sample of what you would encounter. It’s recommended that you take a rope, crampons and an ice axe. The best route is from Albigna to Sciora.


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