We begin our journey back towards Italy on the Rhatische Bahn traveling through the southern Valposchiavo region of Switzerland. Our trip includes the quintessential train ride over a windswept Bernia alpine pass and descends a switchbacking track down the mountain to Poschiavo. We spent our last night in Switzerland at the Saoseo Hutte.

Hiking down to Bernia Suot, view up Val da Fain, and the train that didn’t stop for us.


Patti picking raspberrys on the trail to Saoseo Hutte. This hutte was more accessible than the others, being directly at the end of the road up from the little town of Sfazu. In fact, you could take a small postal bus up to the hutte. This was the first hutte we had found where they had running water available for a shower (4sf).


Leaving this region we traveled on to Tirano. This route taking in the 360 degree train bridge at Brusioto Miralago. Don’t forget to sample some of the gelato.


More information on the Valposchiavo region



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