Runde and the Coastal Islands

This wasn’t a planned part of our trip. As I recall someone mentioned to my wife that we should go to Runde. We had wanted to do something along the coast but were think more of a ferry ride back to Bergen. But what we found here was perhaps the best part of the journey.

We had to take a couple of short Fjord crossing ferrys just to get there, and since we arranged to stay at the Runde Fyr, the lighthouse we had to stop by the village and pick up a room key. Leaving our car we hike the bluffs above the ocean in beautiful weather and tried chasing the puffins. We were invited by a couple of locals who also were vacationing at the lighthouse with their kids to observe the summer solstice with them at a bonfire, and enjoy some other there homemade raseberry cordial.

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We had one final night, again totally unplanned. We decided to drive to Vagsoy another Island further south, from where we planned to drop the car at Maloy and catch the ferry back to Bergen. We found another lovely Bed and Breakfast Apartment just driving around the Island near Vagsvag, and they even had kayaks we could use.

After dinner later that night we drove out to see the sunset 11:30pm and hike down to¬†Kannesteinen Rock. It’s spectacular any time of day, but sunset was amazing.

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Finally got our ferry ride back, being chased by another ferry along the way.


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