Important Geezer Comment on Distance and new Rule Change Proposal.

Recent golf commentary…

I rarely post on this blog, but this is important discussion.

It’s even more complex. (See Bob’s note attached.) You have to factor in the temperature also not just humidity . And as you both know there is a complex formula that correlates the temperature and the humidity, know as the dew point.

I would propose that 
D(a) Distance adjusted = 
D(m) Distance measured  * C(c)f(Dp) that is: (Course constant * Function of Dew point)
The C(c) Course constant should be part of the daily course handicap ratings and reflects the moisture content of the fairway and rough, and moving schedule, it can vary  by day and depends heavily on both rain and irrigation practices along with mowing.
If you wish you can pass this on to the general geezers, both most likely it would seem a FOG to them….and for those who actually know the definition of the Dew Point that will make a lot of sense.
I’ve copied Jim D from Tilden and Steve H since they can adjust the math as appropriate.
Proposed Rule Change
Equitable Approach Free Drop – Rule 16.5
BTW while on the subject of adjust driving, in addition to my “Par or Better” tweak of the game scoring. Or the more widely accepted “Tee it Forward” program, with us playing on the still too long “Gold “tees. It’s true check the tee tables.
I average…only in the 175-180 range….sigh!
I came up with a plan to provide egalitarian golf with the longer ball hitters that improves on the regular tee it forward deficiency when you play from a forward tee that is still too long. This addresses the approach shot differential….I observed that boomer Bob was hitting an 8-iron as his approach while I was still hitting my 3-wood…it’s true the guy who hits is drive 30-40-50% further than you actually is going to do the same thing with those 2nd and 3rd shots also. It is also true that it is preferable to hit a short iron or wedge rather than a fairway wood or long iron/hybrid. 
So to provide equity I propose: At the golfers discretion the “Shorter Shot Golfer”, SSG be allowed a free drop of his or her ball no closer than than the average distance from the pin that the SSG will normally hit the same club that the “Longer Shot Golfer”, LSG used for their approach. Seems only fair that if Bob is hitting his 8-iron when we are both at the 150 yard marker then I should get to walk up and drop and hit an 8-iron from 108 yards which is where I normally would hit it.

BTW…this does not imply that the SSG can actually accurately hit that shot, but at least gets to try.
I will officially submit as a Geezer Rule Change, to COB rules, and tournament director  Chipper Chuck requesting voice vote on the change at the next meeting.
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On Jun 13, 2019, at 10:00 AM, Robert DiMartino

Hi Al,

Sounds like a great day all around.  You had a super round!

But to be fair, and in the interest of being true to science, drive length should be modified by the absolute humidity.  

As the air warms in our semi-arid climate, the thins, i.e.: the ratio of higher friction water molecules to less dense nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide molecules per unit volume.  This results in less friction against a spinning, moderate velocity object like a golf ball.

As a result, comparing length of a drive should be modified by this fluctuation.

I suggest normalizing a value against the driest day, calling that a “1”.  Then, as days become more humid, the value increases.  This way you have an Apple-to-Apple comparison. The true distance is created by multiplying the normalizing value against the actual drive distance.

I’ve included Ron on this email for validation of my atmosphere science.

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