We traveled with my wife’s brother and sister-in-by by train to Avignon, where with met the rest of the BAC biking group for our planned ride in Provence. We took a bus to Vaison La Romaine which would become our base for the next 10 day.

Major road biking is not our normal adventure so this was new to us. And we made it easier by renting high quality Trek eBikes. We still had to pedal, but the electric assist was just what we need for handling the climbs and the wind in our faces.

Our hotel was in the old Roman section of the city at Hosterlie Le Befrol. They provide a good breakfast on the patio and Dinner in an inner atrium featuring local dishes each night.

Each day we bike on small roads and path through hills and vineyard and small villages.

Read about it all in the Trip Journal.

An extra plus was when we returned each afternoon, to hotel’s beautiful pool overlooking the river and the lower city was waiting to refresh us.

Tuesday was Market Day so we took time off for that. Any on our off day we arranged to take a Provence cooking class. Our time here ended with the evening fireworks, not celebrating us biking or leaving, but rather a special time for Pentecost.

Here is a sample of our photos. May be a bit slow to load, please wait.


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