Most people arrive in Geiranger on their cruise ships. But we drove in and enjoyed the lovely view from the overlook in the mountains high above the town. (Don’t feel sorry for those on the ships, since there must have been a million buses up there with us, for their shore excursions!)


Luckily we had found two wonderful campsites, with 2bdr rooms that we were able to spend out time it. One above the lake driving down,  The first was Westerås Hytte, which had a lovely dinner that night also. And a great hike the next day to Storseterfossen.

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Yes we did hike behind the waterfall!

Our second camp was a cabin at Grande Hytteutleige. From there we were able to rent two double kayak’s and explore the Fjord close up. Visiting the The Seven Sisters – Dei sju systre, an amazing fall of seven channels into the Fjord, and hiking up to Skageflå one of the handful of historic mounain farms.

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How could we top that! Let’s go on to Runde and the Coastal Islands.


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