Day 3 – L’ Etiva to Lauenen b. G.

We begin hiking at L’ Etiva (and if we stayed at Les Mosses we need to catch early bus 8:23 back to L’ Etiva) This is a longer day and those not wanting to hike all the way can take bus/train to Gstaad and just hike from there. Or head south over Col des Mosses, around to Les Diablerets over Col du Pillon to Gsteig b. G and hike one of the routes from there. Btw just off the bus route the map lists a Cascade de Tuf, but I could not find a picture of it.

Day 3 – L’Etiva to Lauenen Tue, Aug 09, 2022 RAC – Hike the via Alpina leg (9.74Mi; 3951A; 4368D) to Gstaad, take a short bus ride down to Lauenen. FON – Take the Train/Bus Direction Chateau-d’Oex and then on the Gsteig b.Gstaad Post 1:20hr 11.30CHF. Hike Alpness Trail to Lauenen (7.6Mi; 2707A; 2545D) or the shorter Chrine cutoff (4.9Mi; 1712A; 1513D) There is a waterfall off bus route, so a short stop is possible. Trains and bus go about every hour and take 1:16 hr 10.10 CHF; it’s also possible to go by bus to Les Diablerets, but that is longer.

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