Day 4 – Lauenen to Lenk/Berghotel Hahnenmoospass

Today is a long day. We travel up over Trutlisbergpass, or around the peak depending on our route. The official route will go over the pass and down to Lenk. From there we need to get a bus up to Buhlerg and and walk up to Hahnenmoos Pass. The Fondu group can take a split off around the peak, over to Stubleni and down to Leiterli to catch the lift down from Haslerberg to Lenk, and from there meeting the Raclette’s and we all travel up together.

The bus leaves Lenk, Talstation Betelberg at 15:34 & 16:34. So we need to hike fast. We have 7-9 miles to hike to get there., and up 3,000ft. After the bus there is a short <1,000ft 1.4Mi hike to the hotel at the pass.

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