Day 5 – Lenk to Adelboden Bonderalp

The mountains continue to grow taller, and the paths steeper but we are on Day 5 and beginning to feel our good hiking legs. Hopeful our efforts to catch the bus Day 4 paid off with our starting high today from Hahnenmoospass – 6392 ft. We hike to Geilsbuel (also a lift down), then on into Adelboden. We could have stay in the International Girl Scout House – Our Chalet. But it would have made too long of a climb the next day, so we settle down in the village up the next hill, Berghaus Bonderalp. Where we have a 10 person room. cozy and a very basic dinner. We should bring some vegetables for Corrie and Thom.

Buses run several times from Geils down the Adelboden Center.

Day 6 – Adelboden to Kandersteg/Berghaus Oeschinensee

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