Day 6 – Adelboden to Kandersteg/Berghaus Oeschinensee

This is another big day. Those who are tired of hiking can just take the bus and train around and meet us in Kandersteg to go up the lift and a short hike to the Oeschinensee. For the hikers our route takes us up the Chlyne Loner where we need to decide: 1) to go left and down the side of the Bunderspitz to Obere Allme and on to the Allmenalp Lift. From there you can work your way by lift/bus/foot up to the top of the Oeschinen Lift, for the short hike to the Lake. 2) orgo right on the official via Alpina Route over the Bunderchrinde Pass and take the long path down to the river and into Kandersteg. Again, you need to catch the lift up to Oeschinensee, which I’d advise. From my review of the schedule the lifts and buses seem to run often, but not after 6pm.

Three couples can stay at the Lake, but two must be down in Kandersteg. There were not enough rooms up at the Lake and the second Berghaus has a 2 day minimum. I have asked if they get cancellations. It is a beautiful lake and everyone should plan on coming up either in the late afternoon (but then you have to walk down) or ride the 6 minute lift up and back down.

Day 7 – Berghaus Oeschinensee to Gspaltenhornhutte/Rotstockhütte

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