Day 9 – Alpiglen – 2ND DAY REST

This is a fully free day to do whatever you wish. Some may want to hike the valley and to the waterfalls, some visit Murren or Wengen. One can tour to the top of the Shilthorn or Jungfrau. Or take the train up to Klein Scheidegg and hike all the way back down to Grindelwald with the highest mountains towering above you to the right all the way. From the Berghaus Alpiglen there is easy access to the Eiger Trail not far above.

While the main group has a rest day, Corrie and Thom will hike back and join us from Rotstockhutte.

Eiger Trail

Grindelwald (Eigergletscher)–Grindelwald (Alpiglen)

The Eiger North Wall is close enough to touch from the Eiger Trail and the various world-famous climbing routes to the notorious Eiger summit are easy to spot.

The Eiger North Wall still rates as the yardstick of skill for the climbing elite and attracts expert alpinists from each and every continent. Now, at last, anyone who is a reasonably proficient mountain hiker can venture to the foot of the notorious wall.

The trail leads across steep Alpine pastures and scree at the foot of the imposing Eiger North Wall, past a wonderful waterfall and down to the restaurant and railway station at Alpiglen. The views up the impressive Eiger Wall, over to Kleine Scheidegg and the Lauberhorn and down to the green Grindelwald Valley are beyond equal and totally awe-inspiring.

Length | Number of stages

6 km | 1 Stage

Ascent | Descent

100 m | 800 m

Hiking time

2 h 00 min

Grade | Fitness level

medium (mountain hiking trail) | medium

Day 10 – Berghotel Faulhorn

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